Red Hawk Alliance

About US

The Red Hawk Alliance was founded on the idea of opportunity. To provide for those who wish to assist and improve.We are an adventuring guild that deals in a variety contracts all over Hydaelyn. Whether it be guarding, bounties, exploration, shipping, research, or fabrication. The Red Hawk Alliance seeks to be the support system you want to get the job done!

What do we do?

We are a free company that is focused on open-world roleplay and events! Our goal is to create the ideal environment for collaborative storytelling. We offer a variety of activities to achieve this. Ranging from relaxed social events to full-on IC tabletop-style campaigns.

Interested in becoming a member?

Are you are interested in joining our Guild or seeing what we are all about? If so, please join our discord and feel free to fill out the application linked below! If your application is accepted you will be marked as a prospective member we call an "Egg" for 1-2 weeks.

Code of Conduct

Respect the Community

We ask members of our community to respect others not just in the Free Company, but the game community as a whole. We strive to foster a space where everyone can enjoy the game in a healthy environment while telling cool RP stories at the same time. Be excellent to each other!

Roleplay Guidelines

Our Roleplay Guidelines can be listed here: guidelines are designed to encourage OOC communication and consent, as well as prioritize OOC comfort. For this reason, the topic or subject matter of sexual assault is strictly off-limits. Members are expected to follow these guidelines as they are just as enforceable as the rest of our code of conduct.

Member Conflict Resolution

Members are expected to be mature and deal with conflict and disagreements with one another civilly and respectfully. Members will inevitably have differing opinions on both OOC and IC matters. The expectation is that these disagreements should be discussed with no arguing, and to be aware and stop the conversation if it has escalated too far. If you feel civil options have been exhausted and are unable to work around the issue, you are welcome to approach a Officer/Overseer.

Penalty and Correction

Not following the guidelines and conduct listed above, or going against the spirit of these guidelines at the Overseer's discretion, will result in various either temporary or permanent penalties or corrections depending on the degree of the offense.These may include but are not limited to: formal warnings, strikes, removal from FC events, removal from FC communication channels, or loss of FC privileges and/or rank. We operate on 3 strikes policy. As in, 3 strikes will result in removal from the Free Company. A warning will typically be given out before a strike is given, however, depending on the offense this may not always be the case. Penalties may accompany warnings or strikes.Again, we have a zero-tolerance policy on OOC actions that include threats, trolling/spamming, harassment, or discrimination of any sort. This will result in immediate removal from the Free Company.

Discrimination and Harassment

There is a zero-tolerance policy on OOC actions that include threats, trolling/spamming, harassment, or discrimination of any sort. We welcome those from all walks of life and are supportive of the LGBTQ+ community. Offensive or otherwise hateful content, media, speech, use of slurs that are derogatory or can be considered offensive is unacceptable. If an issue does come up where you feel harassed or encounter discriminatory behavior please contact an Officer/Overseer and the issue will be dealt with.

Membership Requirements

While we do welcome friends, as well as friends of friends. We do require members of the Free Company be at least 18 years of age. There are no exceptions to this rule. This rule does not apply for attending our publicly open/server-wide events.Members should be familiar with both the Code of Conduct here, as well as our Roleplay Guidelines.

We Welcome Feedback

As a community we are always seeking what we can do better and what we can improve on so everyone has a better time. We welcome and are open to new thoughts and ideas. Be sure to keep feedback constructive and should follow the previously mentioned conduct and guidelines

Rules of Conduct are Subject to Change

As we grow and evolve, these codes of conduct and guidelines are subject to change. Members of the community are expected to adhere to new rules of conduct despite personal opinion. Changes will be made with the aim to foster a healthy and enjoyable community for the long term.

Participation, and Activity

We encourage our members to be as active as they are comfortable with. The more of us that are active, the better and more fun this community will become! The idea is the more you put in, the more you should get. We encourage members to attend events, do content, and get to know their fellow members. At the end of the day, real life comes first and we do not wish to penalize that. However, if we do not hear from you within the period of 250 days your spot in the FC may be forfeit. Exclusions to this may be granted depending on the context or reason for the hiatus.

Roleplay Guidelines

• We do not allow any form of Godmodding or Powerplaying. Maximum effort should be given to avoid Metagaming.

• Characters should not be designed to upstage other characters or be overly powerful in relation to the game lore.

• We cover mature themes in our stories.

• Emotions and opinions portrayed in-character are not indicative of what someone may think out-of-character. Character emotions should stay in-character.

• We expect our players to check in with each other out of game, especially if a scene is getting to be high-tension and heavy, to ensure everyone is comfortable and respecting each others boundaries.
• The topic or subject matter of sexual assault is off-limits.

• Members are welcome and encouraged to opt-out of any scene, event, or leve if they are uncomfortable or if they need to deal with anything OOC no matter the reason. Real-life first!

• If you are opting out of a scene, event, or leve, remember to be respectful and courteous to anyone who maybe running the scene/event and let them know you are heading out.
• If you start PVP/CVC, you must be able to deal with the fallout. We will not retcon or assist OOC unless there is OOC issues as a result, and only then to mediate.

• Members are expected to put an effort towards RP, and use their characters to help create a roleplay space that is fun, healthy, and constructive.

• While we do strive for quality roleplay, we are understanding of those who are newer to RP or wish to get more into RP.

In-Game Lore and Setting

Our goal as a Free Company is to follow the lore and setting of the game world as closely as possible without greatly impeding player character agency. Characters should be as lore-friendly as possible. While we do allow for minor lore-bending, lore-breaking characters are not welcome in the Free Company. If you are unsure about your character's story, or about anything in the lore, feel free to reach out to an Overseer for assistance.




This role is given to players who are visiting the FC for one reason or another! whether it be to hang out in discord, rp, or raiding! Guests do not have access to private FC events or leves unless invited by the person running the event.


Friends and allies of the Free Company, those with this rank are approved to attend private FC events and leves despite not being in the FC itself. Guests may get this rank over time by interacting with the FC both IC and OCC on a regular basis.


A prospective member rank that is granted to those who have their FC applications approved. At which point they will go through a trial period of 1-2 weeks before being formally invited to the FC and getting promoted to Fledgling. They are approved to attend private FC events and leves. Those with this rank are treated as full members.



New members of the FC will be assigned this rank and are considered full members. Fledglings are allowed and approved to attend private FC events and leves.


An active member of the FC. Members may achieve this rank after being active in the FC for approximately a month. This rank comes with some additional rights and privileges for running RP events!


Members who have distinguished themselves and have impacted the FC in a positive way consistently are granted this rank. This rank is given on a per-review basis.

Lodge Committee

These are members who have gone above and beyond consistently and have been long-standing members of the guild. These members have taken consistent initiative in running guild group activities! From RP events, raid groups, tabletop sessions, to social events. The list goes on!



Officers of the FC. Overseers help drive the vision of the FC as well as with moderation to ensure smooth and reliable operation. They also assist the FC leader in administration


The head honcho! Does general and overall FC administration in addition to officer duties. Directs, coordinates, and executes on decisions that effect the guild as a whole.

Types of Events

A goal of our guild is to tell cool stories with cool people. We achieve this though open world RP as well as through scheduled tabletop-style events! Each event and story is written, run, and coordinated by our game masters (and sometimes members). Below is a breakdown of the types of events we run and what you can expect from them.


In-game, a "Leve" refers to a contract, bill, or job one may take as an adventurer.
In the spirit of that, a Leve would be comparable to a “side quests”.
Leves are designed to last around 2-3 hours unless otherwise stated (not including post/inter-event-RP). It is suggested, but not required that Leves posted on #leve-board in discord are posted up at least 12-hours in advance to give those who wish to join ample heads up.The story of a Leve may continue into subsequent Leves and may be as simple as "go here, kill these skeletons, return home." or "Hey, I need a bodyguard while I visit the beach!". Leves may also be as Complex as "We need you to grab the 7 special gems from all around Eorzea to open the ancient tomb to kill an ancient evil!". The main thing is, feel free to be creative and have fun!


Overarch events would be considered the “main story” of the guild. The scope of which is designed to be large enough to allow the opportunity for anyone to get involved if they wish.Overarching plot is designed to be supported by both major and minor leves & events.Events and leves associated with an Overarching plot may last longer depending on the scope of the plot.Overarching plots may be supported by various out-of-game means such as additional discord channels, and private player-requested follow-up events/leves that may be run at the Game Masters discretion.


Personal plot is a wide-umbrella term for a plot that players may request. This includes both backstory/plot requests as well as inter-leve/event roleplay.Players may wish to follow up on an aspect of a leve or overarching plot with a game master. It is up to the game master’s discretion to facilitate accordingly as they see fit.Players may request plot for their character to help with personal character stories/arcs. At this time, feel free to approach any game master with a plot you may be interested in seeing run, or running yourself!

Open Roleplay

Although we encourage unscheduled open-world RP. The "Open RP" event is a scheduled and more structured opportunity for characters to interact. Depending on current events, some plot for leves/events may be teased or seeded, or inter-event RP may occur. The location will usually be the FC house. If the location is different, there will be a notification sent out prior to the start of the event.


Some events that are made and scheduled will be open to the FFXIV community as a whole. These events are posted far in advance and are advertised accordingly. Staffing and coordination positions are offered in advance.We are a 18+ guild. However, while public events are running we keep things PG13.

Additional Info

• Associates and members may sign up for events via the #leve-board/#roleplay-discussion channel in our discord. or players may contact the game master directly.• The #leve-board posting will include a description of the event as well as some tags to give a general idea of what type of RP to expect.• Please note that events may be capped at a certain number of players or NPCs or even scheduled/rescheduled privately depending.• If there is a player cap, this cap is posted alongside the #leve-board posting and is updated as people sign up.

Upcoming Events

All times are in EST. Click the event for more details of that specific event. including start times and descriptions.

*Please note that events may not end at the time they are scheduled.


Below are the various In-Character branches of the guild, as well as notable staff members who help keep the guild running on a in character level. Characters mentioned below are characters/players that can be contacted ICly or OOCly to explore various aspects of the guild! To the right here is the "IC Chain-of-Command."


Division Head


Lodge Committee

Guild Members


Members of this division are responsible for combat readiness, tactics, and combat logistics in the guild. This division also primarily handles and manages field operations in times of war or times the red hawks are hired to participate in a war.


Healers and doctors of the guild. they work to ensure the safety and well-being of the guild. Whether that be in the halls of the guild, or on the field. the medical division manages the guilds infirmary as well as all that goes on inside.


This division wears a few hats. research & development, airship management, repairs, and smithing! Members this division assist others using their expertise. Whether that be flying an airship to a destination, repairing a broken sword, or looking into how ancient technology works, and why!


Staff and member management of the Red Hawks! members of this division may include guild clerks, waiters, bartenders, maids, bards, and other roles to help with day-to-day operations within the lodge. In addition, higher-ups in this division help interview new members and deal with member conflict resolution.


This division has two primary responsibilities. Members are encouraged to deepen their understanding of the craft of magic in its many forms: this can be through research, experimentation, or practical applications (read: explosions.) They also serve as troubleshooters and experts for the rest of the guild, offering their expertise and insight as requested.


Vandrian Marlow


Archael Svalinngard
-Division Head-

-Second in Command-


Suzurin Ren
-Division Head-

-Second in Command-

Khonsu Seven


Jet Castalattus
-Division Head-

-Second in Command-


Kahl Orl
-Division Head-

Shaza Sutashika

Nhago'ra Tayuun


Cedrik Rehw-gilda
-Division Head-

Svel Tehp
-Second in Command-

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